moving coil stereo cartridge series

hana means “brilliant and gorgeous” in the Japanese language, “華”, hana moving coil cartridges are affordably priced and supply the most “brilliant and gorgeous” performance to audiophile customers for their budget.

hand assembled in japan


hand assembled by skilled artisans

excel sound craftsman hand assemble all the parts into a perfectly finished product, producing a consistent "brilliant and gorgeous" hana sound. without the precise hand assembling and the fine-tuning work by excel sound's renown craftsman, the hana products would not so fine and delicate.

50 years of cartridge design

excel sound corporation developed the Hana MC cartridge, combining their 50 years of cartridge design and manufacturing expertise with modern manufacturing technologies; using high quality materials together with long established hand assembling techniques for the best quality.

excel sound cartridge master

Masao Okada-san, who began researching phono cartridge design in 1964 and who's skills and expertise has been transferred to the artisans employed by excel sound who built Hana cartridge.

quality build = low defect ratio

whilst phono cartridges are made of delicate parts, they are carefully assembled and laboratory tested by skilled craftsman at the factory to ensure a very low defect ratio, resulting in few returns under warranty to the manufacturer.


about hana

it was more than fortunate to have met Masao Okada-san, founder of excel sound almost 40 years ago and then in 2015, to have him develop the hana line of moving coil cartridges for our exclusive export. we are privileged to be partners with Excel Sound and without our long-standing friendship, hana moving coil cartridges would never have been launched.

the hana “brilliant and gorgeous” sound is now universally available to all music lovers, without an extreme financial burden on your equipment budget. indeed, a hana purchase allows you to buy more of your favourite vinyl records - which is the real reason for buying a good phono cartridge in the first place!



hi-fi plus

Hana MH and ML moving coil cartridges
by Alan Sircom


"all of these cartridges got their stellar reputations for being the best you could
get in that field for a reason, but the Hanas give you more than a glimpse of
what the true masters have to offer, without the financial outlay. And yet, at no time does this sound like scraps from the very top table.The Hana ML in particular and the MH trailing close behind are every inch high-end super
cartridges, only without the high prices."

October 2019

hi-fi choice

Hana ML moving coil cartridge

"The lower registers are excellent from the outset. The Hana manages to deliver power and impact without losing fine detail or over powering the upper registers. The deep bass at the start of Legend In My Living Room by Annie Lennox is beautifully defined and impressively weighty. Even the titanic low end in Leftfield’s Universal Everything is captured without dominating the performance."

July 2019


Hana SL moving coil cartridge

"But all things being equal, the Hana is the perfect candidate for anyone with a mid to upper mid level turntable and arm combination who is on the hunt for a value-for-money moving coil cartridge. 

With a performance close enough to challenge cartridges priced to $1500, the Hana SL punches well above its weight division and represents good value for money, and as such comes warmly recommended."

March 2017


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Class A
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Krispy Audio
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Sound Gallery
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Klapp Audio Visual
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88 AV centre
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HiFi Collector Pty Ltd
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